Shopping Ideas- Toiletries and Skincare

Hello and welcome to another post. So if you see my new Youtube video, below you’ll know that I love my toiletries and skincare products. There is no lie on that, but buying certain products like shower gels, scrubs and moisturisers, in bulk and from Boots building up points using, a Boots Card, can save you so much.

TK Maxx is my other favourite, and they do some skincare goodies too, along with some clothes, bags, sun glasses, scarfs, diaries and notebooks, and some good kitchenware products.

I still do a list of things I would like to buy and set a budget, and go through what I need aswell as want, and keeping stock on beauty products saves me from running out, and I would like to create some Christmas hampers with such products, which watching Youtube is a great gift for someone.

Also you will start getting coupons from Boots and you can use these also which I am going to do, and get some of their No.7 products too.

So check out this video below to see the products I have for these two stores, to see what bargains, and products you can find:

If you do have a Boots Card, then you can also pick up, their magazine for free, otherwise you have to pay for it, and they do often have coupons in there too.

They will be doing their 3 for 2 offers, but do you maths first, and to clarify, it is items of the same value normally, and will have their gift sets on offer too.

So, check them out along with TK Maxx, as their gift sets will be on offer to, if not already, soon, and I will be back with another Shopping ideas next week, and if haven’t read my previous posts, then click below,

I am also raising money for a charity called, Tommy’s, who raise money for those families who have experienced, Stillbirths and Premature Births, giving support and raising awareness. So if you would like to make a contribution, then please click on the link below:


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Carrie X


Tea and biscuits


Bibliophile: An Illustrated Miscellany (Book for Writers, Book Lovers  Miscellany with Booklist): Mount, Jane: 9781452167237: Amazon.com: Books

This is my first Tea and Biscuits blog where I will be sharing some different parts of my life and for a general sharing of my lifestyle, being a full time writer and a mum. Plus I am soon to be a wife again.

I love a good book because it takes you to another world and I just bought my son some real classics, James and the Giant Peach, Charlottes Web, Little Monsters by David Walliams and You Can’t Take An Elephant on the Bus.

I wrote many stories as a kid that turned into books and I write books where even I don’t know what is going to happen next, and I do write a blog post on Bloglovin about writing books and blogs (see link): (add link)

The book BFG is about a little girl who meets a friendly giant, as you think of them as scary but the little girl and the giant become bestfriends. Roald Dahl wrote the book and based the little girl in the book, on his Grand Daughter who became a famous model, Sophie Dahl.

The BFG is a classic and we even had this read to us at Primary school, and I would love to get Henry a copy of this book too. They will never go out of fashion and can be passed down to generations to come.

A book is someone’s imagination made into words and pictures and takes you away for a bit from the real world.

I would love to know what books you’d like to read as a kid and you still love today.

You can leave a comment below.

Before I leave this blog post I want to tell you about the charity I am raising money for this year, which is called Tommy’s, who support and raise awareness for those who have experienced Stillbirths and Premature births, and do wonders for those families like myself who’s son is now 7 years old but was born premature at 31 weeks.

To make contribution, please click the link below:


I have also created an advert, sharing all my topics and sites I like to wrote a blog on, so click on the video below to watch:

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P.S: I have teamed up with Amazon this year their various goodies this Christmas 2020 and my first video is their Top of the Range Advent Calendars (see below):


Book Review November 2020

Diary of a Mad Diva
Diary Of A Mad DIva

Hello and welcome to another everyday living post.

In this post I am writing a review about the wonderful Joan Rivers, who partly wrote a book called, A Diary Of A Mad Diva.

Joan was a famous Jewish American comedian, and was world famous. I wish she had shared more of her stories, and would like to get another book of hers called A Piece Of Work.

Check out Amazon!

In this book A Diary Of A Mad Diva, she shares her story of her life being a mother and Grandma and a high profile celebrity. She talks about going to many celebrities parties and charity fundraisers and meeting other celebrities and you knew if she liked them, she would take a fond jab at them.

Part of the book though was written not by Joan, because she did die before finishing the book and so her daughter, Melissa, had carried it on.

They had a rocky relationship as her daughter produced the show, Fashion Police, which I loved watching, with Kelly Osbourne. She was so funny, and I love the story she tells about catching Heather Mills buying real fur, after she campaigned against it, storming through Jennifer Lopez head offices, putting leaflets in peoples faces.

I bet if Joan called have sent Heather a Christmas Card it would have been a picture of Heather wearing a dog collar and a sheep’s skin coat saying “I love all animals, especially when it comes to their coats”.

I am so sad that her book wasn’t all written by Joan as the bits you know she did write are superb, funny and taking the piss out of those you knew weren’t like their image often showed on camera and also would like all comedians took the piss out of herself, as being a Jewish lady, she knew she wasn’t overly religious as she would point out the floors in this aswell, in a humorous fashion.

More book reviews to come.


I have partnered with Tommy’s who support and raise awareness of Stillbirths and Premature births, and is a very traumatic event that can change many families lives. I you wish to make a contribution, please click in the link below, my JustGiving Page:


If you would like to read my other posts featured within my advert of Carries Blog Network (see below):

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P.S: I am working with Amazon this Christmas as they have some fantastic gifts, advent calendars, decorations and stocking fillers for everyone you love, and here is my first video sharing the top most popular Advent Calendars this year at Amazon at Christmas 2020:


Amazon Advent Calendars

I love Christmas Advent Calendars and love buying them for the members of my family and friends.

There are so many to choose from, and I have created a video showing some of the top ones from Amazon, and they have a whole range of items for love ones!

My video of some Advent Calendars from Amazon

I made my sons last year and I will do another one of these too, as they are easy to put together. However, like many of us, we don’t always have the time, so if you did want to buy one ready made, then take your pick.

I will be sharing more including another Amazon Haul Look Book as we lead up to Christmas so watch this space, and more of the Amazon Christmas range for 2020.

Many thanks for watching and checking out my post,

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Advert for my Blog Network

Please check out this ad promoting my blog network where you can find all of my blogs to all of my sites on one site.

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Amazon Look Book Haul

Hello and welcome.

So I decided that I wanted to do something a bit different to a normal haul and do short videos each week of some items that I have purchased from Amazon, and will include high street fashion aswell t some point, but just wanted to share items purchased from Amazon.

The fashion on Amazon has really expanded from when it used to be mainly books sold and I have bought quite a few items this Autumn and Winter and I will continue to buy some more bits soon, but here to get started is a new Youtube video of some goodies I found and made it into a look book Fashion Haul.

My first Look Book Amazon Haul video

You can find some similar items in this link too:


Below I have taken a picture of who these items really work well together.

My First Look book photo

I like to add to my wardrobe with some new jumpers and the one featured in the video and photo above is such a nice fitted jumper and the shoes show are very comfortable and very easy to wear and walk in.

I have also found some lovely planner aswell which I would like to share also but will share these as we get nearer to a new year.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Meal idea- A good old fashioned Fry up

Hello and hello! It is another blog post where I am sharing my meal ideas on a weekly basis. This week is a “Good old fashioned fry up”. I just had the craving of having one and no I am not disappointed at all.

You just can’t beat it in my opinion, and it is so quick and simple.

The one mistake I made was I cooked off the mushrooms first, next time I will do this as one of the last things, but it was still enjoyable and I have more for one again tomorrow if I feel like it.

I didn’t need to buy any chips or fries as there was already some there in the freezer, and already had streaky bacon. The best bacon to have a fry up with though is back bacon, but I bought it to into my dinner yesterday which was Macaroni and cheese.

Adding a bit a bacon to this lovely comfort dish I also like to make, just gives it an extra kick, and tastes even nicer.

All you need to make a fry up is,

  • Sliced bread or baguette
  • Bacon
  • Sausages
  • Mushrooms
  • Eggs

If you want anything else, sweetcorn is nice along with onion cooked in with the mushrooms.

The total spend was on this shop which includes some Red Ribbon and Rocky bars and some cupcakes, was about £7.82. I did forget to pick up a receipt because my heart was in my mouth at one point because I accidentally left my rucksack in the bread isle. Luckily it was handed in.

However, doing this kind of shop each week, with a list which I put on a post it note, means that I have enough for another meal.

I want you to see that you don’t have to spend the earth to make the food that you want and can save loads of money by budgeting, having a list and challenging yourself to see how low you can get your shop. This is a great way to stay in budget and have enough food so I don’t have to keep dropping by the shops all of the time.

As we get nearer to Christmas more sales will be out, but there are items you can pick up now for the big day, such as snacks and sweets, ingredients to make your Christmas cake ready or your Christmas pudding, and begin to buy fresh vegetables, cutting them up and sticking them into the freezer.

So I will be back with another meal idea next week, I do really want to film a Amazon haul as promised I just lost my confidence a bit, in doing so, but going to find the strength to do one and when I do I will keep you posted.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

P.S: Please remember that there will be many food banks needing more food as we get further into autumn and winter, and so if you see any body collecting food for the food banks, please remember to if you can, to donate an item or items and they will be much appreciative if you do.



Shopping Ideas

Hello and welcome it is Monday once again, and I have decided that I would make these blogs, Shopping ideas a weekly post.

As we are in another Lockdown and it getting nearer to Christmas, it is time if you haven’t started already to start thinking about when to buy those festive gifts.

I am going to film my Amazon haul today, and show you some items I have purchased, as Amazon is my main go to online shop, because if I can’t get what I want in the high street I will look on there and many items can workout to be cheaper aswell.

The one thing I like to do, if I see items on Amazon, but I don’t want to buy them yet, I will either put it into my, “Save for later” list or into my Wish List, which you can create, and create different ones.

The one gift I would suggest to buy if they are into fashion is these tops I bought and they are easy wearing, stylish and wash really well.

Women V Neck Blouse Casual Loose Floral Print Long Sleeve Tops T Shirt

I have these three different colours and I love them and are priced from £17.99, and they are so nice that I will be purchasing a few more at some point.

They do a good collection of good footwear too, and these are great type,

Some of the retailers which sell these types of trainers, do have half sizes and so it is the case of looking through. They are very comfortable, and if you know someone who would like these types of trainers, they would make great gift for someone.

You can also buy bulk items like body sprays, toilet rolls and food items, but do your maths first as some items it isn’t worth it.

There are some good books to read aswell and have ordered quite a few and I will be filming a few book reviews, and also you can get many gift sets too, which can be a lot less on Amazon compared to the high street.

So be sensible, do a budget and do your maths.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Music that speaks wonders

Free Pictures Of People Listening To Music, Download Free Clip Art, Free  Clip Art on Clipart Library

A day does not go by when I am not playing music, it has been life and there are those songs that I can play everyday or every year that will speak wonders to me. It is Sunday night and I am doing what I love to, listening to some good heart felt songs, to end the day a peacefully as it has started.

I even play songs that I called “Sunday songs” not because they were written on a Sunday, but takes me back to when I was a kid and my dad would play his records before he would venture over to Chelsea and then we would meet him there later.

Music that speaks wonders lasts forever and being someone who has written songs, it not about just about the tune or the lyrics but about the whole thing, and how it makes you feel when you play it.

I just played the Paul McCartney song Once Upon a long ago, and was one of my dads songs he would play, and it spoke wonders of all the things you would dream about as a kid and about good luck charms, and tells a story.

That is why I love music, because like writing a book you can put your own meaning to it and becomes personal to you, even ones you didn’t write but those that make you feel good each day, or helps remove your troubles each day and I hope to write more music songs of myself in the future to help others through my music, to feel the same.

If music was stopped I would be lost as it would feel like someone taking a limb from me. Songs become a part of your life, like certain films do.

It also is my kind of self care, as it does calm me down, aswell as the new love in my life and the same with comedy, which I love also, is a great source if medicine that was ever created and is forever revolving.

I would like to know what one track do you love to play and why?

Mine aswell as the Paul McCartney song above, is the one I am playing now, called “Somewhere out there” which was written for a Disney film and was written by Kerry Hilson, and is still played today and yes even when there are those around you, that don’t love you, there is still someone out there who does.

So as it is coming to the end of another weekend, why not if you aren’t a sleep yet put on your favourite tunes to have a good rest until it all becomes crazy again tomorrow.

Music Quotes Pictures, Photos, Images, and Pics for Facebook, Tumblr,  Pinterest, and Twitter

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Christmas Lockdown

Cartoon Illustration Prisoner Man Locked High Resolution Stock Photography  and Images - Alamy

Now if you can’t get out this Christmas then remember to curse our Prime Minister, because it looks like we all may be shopping online, but remember to send him Selfie with your mates saying “Nothings going to stop me from socialising at Christmas, it being only once a year”.

I predict that this will continue to the actual big day, not that I have a crystal ball, but I just can see it, and so thank God for the internet.


People cheering free vector download (7,823 Free vector) for commercial  use. format: ai, eps, cdr, svg vector illustration graphic art design

If it wasn’t for the internet, it would be empty boxes all round, but hey “It’s the thought that counts”, and is going to be a different kind of Christmas should the Lockdown be continuing up until Christmas day.

People love to socialise around Christmas time, but now are going to be limited, so does that mean no Work Christmas parties, no pantomimes, no Christmas Top of The Pops or many Christmas specials being filmed?

I bet the Queen is happy that her speech is often done at Sandringham, as she won’t be able get through London herself soon, due to the endless road works.

What about the Turkey? And no not the country, but the bird that is eaten in most households this time off year, will we need to hunt one alive and kill it ourselves. Well that is what Gordon Ramsey does each year, and looks like most households may do, too.

The plus side it, less traffic going into London, but hold it, guess what’s coming, a new one way system, starting from Hyde Park Corner through to Marble Arch, down Oxford Street, and will have to go all that way around to get to Regents Street and Green Park, which means buses will be diverted and have to change their route too.

It look like we may have to swim in the Thames to get anywhere, should this continue.

Free Cartoon Person Swimming, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on  Clipart Library


Brexit looks like it has been long forgotten due to COVID, and sadly no Christmas choirs this year.

I would like to go to a Christmas market, but I bet they will be off this year too, and so I would suggest you begin, if not already to do some Christmas shopping, yes online, as online stores are going to be on high demand and may crash during this lockdown.

There is a reason why Boris Johnson is a vegetarian and never eats Turkey, because it effects him socialising and feels uncomfortable around birds.

Boris Johnson's first week – an assessment - Briefings For Britain

They usually put an Ice Rink near the London Museums in South Kensington, near the Southbank and around the Strand. Hyde park always has, A Winter Wonderland, through Christmas, but yep, looks like these won’t be happening either.

So what will there be to do. I am going to find my collection of my favourite Christmas films, have hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows, with the love of my life and our Children.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

P.S: Please remember I am raising money for the charity Tommy’s via JustGiving, where all donations made will go directly to the charity (please see link below)they support families who have experience Stillbirths and Premature births too:



Celebrating Birthday’s and Christmas

Woman Inside Shopping Cart Holding Bags Vector Cartoon Clipart -  FriendlyStock | Cartoon pics, Cartoon clip art, Shopping clipart
Image from: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/670051250785503446/?autologin=true

This time of is always a busy time of the year, as I have a lot of birthdays, leading up to the big day. This year I want to make homemade gifts or hampers. I will usually begin to save up points on my store cards, such Boots, Paperchase, My Nectar Card and others.

I will also start to put money on gift cards, to get gifts. I do it this way because it helps make sure I have set aside money for the festive cheer, and I am not out of pocket. I also set a budget for each gift and an overall budget.

The one thing I hate is when you buy a gift for someone and they say “Oh that’s lovely I have been wanting one of those” Only to see that they have not worn it or used it, if it a new kitchen appliance or a piece of clothing.

So I stick with giving a gift card or a homemade gift.

The person I love to watch about budgeting on shopping and finance is a lady who I mention a lot in many of my blog posts, Jordan Paige, FunCheapOrFree She makes it so straight-forward and easy, and love watching her Youtube videos.

I plan Christmas way ahead of time, the one thing I have never been able to do ahead of time is bloody Christmas cards. It doesn’t matter that I have all gifts by the 1st December, but every year I say “I am going to get the ahead of Christmas card making and writing”, and have I? No!

What to write in a Christmas card? |
Image from https://www.creasedcards.com/blog/what-to-write-in-a-christmas-card/

Always budget when it comes to birthdays too, and Jordan Paige, does an envelope system where by you have an envelope for everyone in your family, you put the name of child or adult at the top along with the budget amount, and put in that amount inside, then as you spend the money you subtract it from the budget amount at the top and then as you buy you put the receipt of the item or items in the envelope to keep track of what you have spent so far, and you don’t go over budget.

My birthdays begin at this time from the beginning of September all the way up to December and so yes, budget time is very well required and needed.

I do have the same budget for each person, accept for my son and for my other children in my family, as I will extend the budget amount, but for the adults in the family it will be the same amount.

I plan my sons birthday way ahead of time, and this year I bought him some new books, as I often do this at Christmas time, as stores will often start their sales on books around this time of year, and further on as we get nearer to Christmas.

I do like to set a theme for my gift buying each year, so the children in my family have something different. I like to also include experiences, like one year I bought my gorgeous nieces a Giraffe feeding experience at Chessington, as I was working for the company who sold the tickets for Chessington World of Adventures, and I got free tickets to go in, so gave them these too.

Some employers will have discounted schemes like if you work for Merlin Entertainments, any of the forces and hotel chains, usually give staff discounts on a site called Perks at Work, where you can earn points as you use this site as they are linked to many retailers, and on sites like Virgin Experiences and Red Letter Days.

Of course with COVID we don’t know if there will be anymore lockdowns, but it doesn’t mean planning for birthdays aswell as Christmas should stop, as it is still possible to buy online, just once again set a budget, and one you know you can stick to.

If you are doing “Secret Santa” which is where you are given a person to buy a Christmas gift for and they have your name too, and then you buy them a gift up for example up to a fiver, I always say if you know it is for a woman, you can’t go wrong with a scented candle, which I am going to buy for my Nieces and one of my friends, who was like a sister to me when I lived on a housing estate called Peabody, Kelly to celebrate her life.

For boys and men, books, alcohol (if they drink), a book voucher or cufflinks, if they wear a suit and a jacket.

I have bought some items from Amazon which would be great as gifts and yes a haul as I have promised in my other blogs is coming, I just have so much I want to blog about, that it has taken a back seat, but not for much longer. If I don’t film it today it will be done tomorrow.

So be wise when shopping, make sure you buy from legitimate retailers online as many scams will be forming as we buy birthday gifts and get closer to Christmas, and if you still want to shop in the high streets, keep your belongings on you and put purses at the bottom of your bag, no putting money in back pockets as there will be pickpockets out there, and yes that includes you Boris Johnson, as I know you don’t like socialising hence the lockdown.

Santa and his little helper.
bImage by The Guardian

Before end this blog I want one thing answered for me, I just can’t get if COVID is a flu how comes all stores ran out of toilet paper? if someone can discuss this with me and have a logical answer, do get in touch. You can leave a comment below.

Just another quick note which I nearly forgot to add. Each year if you haven’t been following my blogs, I like to raise money for a good cause each year, and to celebrate my sons 7th Christmas and to support families who have had Stillbirths and premature births I am raising money for the charity Tommy’s who do a brilliant job in supporting families who have gone through such a traumatic event in their lives.

Please see link to my JustGiving page if you would like to make a donation. Many thanks in advance if you do and enjoy the weekend!


Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Meal Ideas- Pasta with a Pasta sauce

Hello its me once again, and I am going to do these weekly either by blog or by Youtube video and is some meal ideas which are cost effective and quick and easy, and yes I am going to do an Amazon haul I have not forgotten, there is just so much I want to share of my everyday living, but going to tempt to video that tomorrow, so will be up either tomorrow Saturday or Sunday, this coming weekend.

I also have a book review coming too and I going to do a Youtube video called Tea and Biscuits each week and I talk about all areas of my life and what is coming on this site and others I write on too, plus I am going to for my parenting blog is choose a children’s book to read, as I have written many children’s book too and like sharing other people’s children’s books aswell: https://theparentingadventurestipsandtricks.wordpress.com/

In this meal idea I am sharing a favourite and yes it is comfort food, which people used to curse when you said that, and was told “You shouldn’t eat for comfort” however I love comfort food and as like Joey would probably say in friends “I’m a comfort eater and I like it”.

Free Cartoon Pictures Of People Eating, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip  Art on Clipart Library

I had Pasta (bows and loved these as they bring memories back of when my nan would make the most tasty macaroni and cheese) and I had pasta with Bacon, Garlic and Tomato sauce and I loved it. Okay so I cheated a little as I have made my own sauce in the passed, but to save myself time bought sauce that should last me for a few dinners as we move towards the weekend, as I have some leftover in the jar, which will be more than enough.

Anything that saves me time and money I am all for.

Stack of money clipart free clipart images - Cliparting.com

I had on me about £4.90 and the total cost of my shopping I bought, which included a baguette and a box of Porridge sachets, £3.98 purchased from Tescos, and the money left over which was 90p, I used to get myself can of body spray from Boots, for 75p and help build up my Boots points and like to have a can of body spray in all of my bags.

I paid for all these bits with my loose change that I have been saving and has saved me a lot of money, as one of my financial goals this year was to build enough change so I wouldn’t need to touch the money in my bank account all of the time and it has helped but also going to begin to do the other way I like to save and that’s is putting some cash on gift cards.

I love to do this every time Christmas comes along, because it is cash already paid, its just the case of buying gifts and bits for when the festive period gets closer, and I don’t have to worry that I won’t have enough, or I will buy items using my Very account, which also saves me money too.

If there are stores that you regularly shop at then having a points card can be worth it, but I stopped using my Tesco Clubcard as I found that I wasn’t saving that much at all and so wasn’t worth it.

Boots cards are brilliant because you get back the pounds you have paid on them and some store cards like Paperchase, when you have spent a certain amount in the store using your points card you get a lot discounts on top.

My moto is always shop sensibly, keep tabs on what you buy (so keep the receipt) and always have a list in mind before you go in, which I stand by as we can often be lost in sales and bargains not realising we have gone over our budget and now don’t have enough for the next shop you do.

My other moto I have is, be wise and stay safe this Christmas as there are many scams this time of the year too, so if something looks to good to be true it usually is, and when you see items like Buy One and Get One Free or 3 for 2 offers, do the maths as often it isn’t worth it, and can save money buying other brands of the same item at a even cheaper price.

Anyway I am going to get on with other bits I plan to do today and will see you again tomorrow.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Sometimes you just have to say Sod it, I’m going back to bed

The case for going to bed at 2:30 am - Vox

So this week has felt very long with school being back and my son as lovely he can be decided that he would have two meltdowns, one only being his first day and on Thursday.

See my parenting blog:


So this morning at about 8:30am I just thought “I know I should get up, but sod it I’m going back to bed” only to hear “You gone back to bed?”, “What is that a crime or is this unusual to you, because you like to get up at 5am?”

Excuse me…

Parenting, working and travelling is tiring, and what, “So I am not allowed to be tired, what do you really want to wait until I am dead, where you’ll still be saying, “Its time to get up now?””

We all get tired and you just need that extra time, so I say fuck it, excuse my language, but lay in and have that time, who really feels that they have the right to say otherwise, we aren’t ever going to be remembered for the time we got up, but for living and so Sometimes you just have to say sod it I am going back to bed, and there ain’t nothing you can do about it.

I am up now, listening to some tunes and boy oh boy am I so thankful for my music as I have always used it as a way for communicating, especially when someone has pissed me off, and find it a way of sharing my feelings, without causing confrontation, even though I do get “Your shouting and how can you hear with your headphones on?”

I am like “Well first of all, you spoke to me and secondly I don’t want to” And it makes me want to get a great big speaker and blast it out, and say “Well you moan about my headphones and I want to listen to my music, so this is now my new option, either leave me be or your ears will get it instead”.

I have rarely had a chance before to have a lie in, so have done so this passed week, and no I don’t eel like I have wasted a day like I used to, as I can still catch up by going to bed late, as I find when I do this I sleep a whole lot better.

Lets face it there isn’t any lie in police, they have enough to worry about than arresting people for sleeping in, as being a working mum there is so much to do, that having an extra hours sleep is often required and no I am not going to apologise for that. As Bon Jovi, the bad I will always like to see in concert no matter what financial situation I am in, “It’s my life, its not older never” and if it is going to stop me from being cranky then so be it I’ll do it everyday from now on.

So if you wish to have an extra bit of sleep then I say go for it, and you can always deal with errands and chores on another day.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


In A Day In My Life

Yes my desk is a mess, but is real. It gets like this when I have my head down and working

In a day in my life, I live by the motto now, its not how much you can do, but what the day may bring, and being a blog writer and I have written books too, I always as soon as I get up, whilst I have my breakfast and my first cup of tea of the day, get on with writing.

This is now my life and I love it. It is something I have dreamed of doing, and last year I vouched to myself that I would do writing of my blogs and books full time, and I am praying more good things will come my way, so I can keep my writing and my dream of doing it professionally going.

I am not one who is military when it comes to getting stuff time, and continuously worried about time, I leave that to my mother, who would kill over if she didn’t have a watch and know every second of the day.

I never go on time, yes I do write a schedule but I am not strict about it and do whatever I can and the joy of writing is you can do it anytime. I do also have time away from it, and will take a shower, watch a bit of Youtube or lay quietly listening to music.

I like to take my time and not rush around. I hate doing that.

Business woman running late for work, cartoon character in corporate suit  holding phone rushing in hurry for job deadline with clock on background,  isolated hand drawn flat vector illustration: Royalty-free vector graphics

I have also found that I don’t binge eat so much now but if I want a biscuit or a chocolate bar, I am no longer strict with this either. If I wanted to meet Hitler when it came to dieting I’d rather say

“Listen Rudolf if I want a biscuit I’ll have one thanks and no, you won’t be getting one, get your own”.

I am going to sound like an advert now, and so I don’t get done for copywrite their are other brands available, but as Rob Brydon says from Gavin and Stacey and the show, Would I Lie To You and Philip Glenister, who was in Ashes and Ashes, Life On Mars and Mad Dogs, and soon to be in Mum&Me with Robert Glenister, who has been in Only Fools and Horses as a character called Miles, The Hustle and The Sweeney, you can’t beat a bourbon biscuit or a custard cream or a Hob Nob, or as the character I made up called Heather McVitie, you can’t beat a digestive with chocolate or without it.

I suppose you are wondering who she is, you’ll see her soon on the BBC, and know Micheal McIntyre, you won’t nick her mobile phone and text all her mates saying she eats anything because no she doesn’t and is a well respected woman, of the realm.

Mum&Me will be on TV in the new year.

Even the Queen likes her biscuits, with a cup of yes what I love, Earl Grey Tea. Not saying that PG tips is to be denid but if I had to choose one, it would be the lovely tea bag Earl Grey, that she owns.

Another part of my day is to sit back with a good book. There are three I am reading at the moment, “Lessons I’ve learned” by David Jason, and you should all know who he is. Del Boy, “He who dares wins”, a book called “A Million Dollar Blog”, which unlike many books it doesn’t make writing a blog complicated and actually is the best encouraging book about blog writing that I have read so far and a book called “Stick With It”, which I took out from the library. Ok yeah probably doesn’t beat a Kindle but least it won’t crash unlike having a physical book in your hand, and loose the page you were on. This book is about building step ladders, which I have been arguing with as I have been reading it, as visualising it that way, makes it seem to far a step to reach your dreams, and about visualisation doesn’t work, but then it contradicts itself a lot, so not been impressed so far, but I will keep on reading it, as I hate not finishing a book, and I do like to read other people’s ideas of how to make your dreams into reality.

Any how as it is now another day ahead, I am going to get on and do the other things I have planned for today, and going to be filming a Youtube video, so once this is up I will let you know.

Please have a fantastic day, and there will be another blog on this site tomorrow.

Many thanks or reading,

Carrie X


Meal Idea – Using leftovers

Chicken Salad and chips

Okay so I am not saying this is going to be a five star restaurant cuisine, but I try to buy food that is going to make a few meals for the week, to save myself time and energy. I don’t like to spend hours cooking, it isn’t who I am. I like to have food that I can dish up there and then, and enjoy.

As I got good feedback from my meal ideas blogs, I decided I am going to do these each week. Please check out my post I wrote two days ago:


The food that I bought to make the above meal has helped me save money and to change it up, I made myself a chicken salad, with chips, and have enough to have for today, for lunch or dinner, for the next few days.


Grandmother Clipart Cooking - Old Lady Chef Cartoon , Free Transparent  Clipart - ClipartKey

Once I have used up the wraps, if I still have enough I am going to make another favourite meal, a lovely Chicken Curry. I know as one supermarket says “You just can’t beat it” AND THAT IS TRUE.

I do change my meals depending on the season, and drinks I like to have too. I love having boiled bacon, which is also a money saver and can be made for many different meals. I did try to go more gluten free and vegan, not to be trendy to see if it can make a difference to your health, but I saw no difference and I love meat, sorry for those who read this are vegetarian or vegan, but it’s true.


Pig On A Barbecue Pit - Spit Roast Pig Cartoon Clipart (#5541669) -  PinClipart

Soups are another thing I like to have this time of the year, and yes I have often made my own and can be used for a number of days and stored in the freezer once made. I do like Winter soups, like Carrot and Coriander, winter vegetable soup and leek and potato.

So I am now going to have a cup of coffee or if I can a hot chocolate, and will be blogging again soon.

Amazon haul coming. Watch this space.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Shopping Ideas

When you shop always go in with a list in mind but I do find when i jot it down helps me stay within budget and stops impulse buys.

Even if it is a Bogoff (buy one and get one free) do your maths and calculate it to help to see if it really is a good deal.

One idea to help you with shopping go through prices by making a list on their online shop and don’t check out open it up and see how you can have the same item but for even cheaper. I say this because not all deals or prices are the same in the store and don’t always have all the different brands of that food, so compare as you shop.

Certain deals are seasonal such a tubs of heroes, quality street and roses, and it is better to get them now as often prices will go up on these as we get nearer to Christmas. Gift sets will now begin to be on sale, but again do your maths before purchasing.

It is better to buy your turkey in December rather than now along with potatoes and vegetables.

If you make your own Christmas cake like my nan used to then bake this if you are traditional at the end of November and keep adding brandy to it, but not too much.

Booze if you like a drink at Christmas, buy in December. Baileys and advocate can go off once opened, baileys is made with cream, but an alternative cheaper item is Irish Cream which is the same it’s a different brand. Advocate is made with eggs and so keep in mind and write down when it was opened.

Beers and lagers, will even have sales now, and that includes ciders aswell. Spirits like vodka, archers, Jack Daniels and Bacardi last forever.

Go through before shopping on what food you already have and the same with drink. Soft drinks like coca cola for example are on sale all year round, juices buy the cartains either individual or family size as they last a lot longer than fresh and often less sugar.

So when shopping be wise and see how much you can save with each shop you do, and a haul is coming soon.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Having a designer body

So if someone said to me I’d love a designer body, I’d say why has Armani gone out of business?

I have not always liked myself but when I do feel low I prefer a nice pair of trainers, shoes or clothes and have gotten over wanting a nip and a tuck.

Shoes from newlook

I love these above because they are very glitzy and easy to walk in, but would I buy a designer pair?

If the same price perhaps, but would I choose having a nose job over these?

No! I know people like designer and it is nice to treat yourself but I would never go out of my way to buy designer over high street.

I am happy to shop at Primark just avoid the one in Oxford Street towards Marble Arch as they purposely shut their tills at about 8pm rather than 10pm when they are supposed to close.

Newlook do a lovely range of clothing and footwear, and prefer to buy in store rather than online.

Is wanting a designer body going too far?

In some ways, as it is extreme. Having any kind of medical procedure done can be risky, but I do know what it is like not to be happy within yourself.

There other ways such as skincare to help make you feel better (please see my evening face creams below).

My face cream I use in the evenings

There are many different products and if you watch Trinny London she gives some brilliant tips on looking after your skin rather than having a face lift, and if you want a cosmetic procedure that can help you be happy with yourself then shows you want it entiles.

You can still be younger as I do still look about 16 and that’s not gloating it’s true but now I no longer get ID’d when going to a pub or bar, in thinking about this, I am now slightly worried.

Dressing yourself correctly that awakens you to be youthful still and feel good about yourself is the key to help you.

Amazon do a load of lovely fashion items that I will do a haul very soon of some great finds I have found.

You can shop on a budget still when buying in store or online by having a list of wishful items and if aren’t able to buy items in one go, buying a piece of new clothing as you go can help you save just as much.

Always check when they have their sales. High street, August and September when they will put their summer clothes up for sale, before Christmas as they will put their winter stuff on sale and put their Christmas party clothes up on the rails. March and April, getting rid of winter clothes in replacement for their summer clothes.

So be happy and do what makes you be happy, but designer is not always the best way to go, so choose wisely and you will be surprise how much you can still have a fashion item and save at the same time.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie x


Whack out some tunes and have fun

Musika “Sharing good music!” Feel free to invite Best Quotes – Cool quotes  – BestQuotes

This blog site is all about my Everyday Living and that involves me putting on some tunes on whilst I work. Music has always been a massive part of my life, and wouldn’t go a day without it.

If you got some housework to do, then whack out some tunes and have some fun, so you have some form of exercise aswell as being super productive.

At the moment I am listening to Janet Jackson, and before that I was playing some swing, Micheal Jackson, Kylie Minogue and some country and western aswell.

Life is about living and to do that sometimes you just need that boost to do so, and playing music you love is a great way to do that. I love playing endless tracks, and have done since I was a kid, and I loved having a record player and a walkmen, which I suppose many people wouldn’t know what one is now. I use to love my HiFi system where I would record tracks from the radio.

I remember me and my friends on a Wednesday after school would pop to Whsmiths to check out the mags and the tapes they had on offer, and we would spend hours in there looking for many different tracks and songs.

When I used to go to watch Rugby League, The London Broncos, we would have endless sing offs with other fans and would make up songs to sing at the rugby matches, bringing in a drum and we even teamed together to sponsor a player, called Tulsen Tullett, and I was given a massive London flag to bring in with me.

I even had a penfriend which I have lost touch with now, but through music, as I found her through a magazine called Kerrang.

So I going to get on and play more tunes whilst I work, and will be back blogging on this site on Saturday.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Ten things you can do when you lack energy

Hello, so normally I would post a blog on this site, Sunday and Monday, but I wanted to try as of last weekend, to see if having Sunday as rest day from my blogs would help, and it did, because then I can focus on other things I need to do.

I have been suffering with lack of energy this week, because it is that “Time of the Month” and so feel super tired and even as I write this blog, I can hear the niggling voice telling me not to bother with this post and go to bed, but I don’t want to, because if I lay down now, it can effect me sleeping tonight.

I was supposed to write this post yesterday (Monday) but I was just super tired and needed to take a night off from blogging, which is usually my time where I have quiet and write my blogs at the moment.

However, there is always things that can still be done when you lack drive and motivation. So here are ten things you can do when you lack energy:

  1. Do some yoga stretching, which I am going to try to do soon, to see if this will waken me up and help me, as I have been feeling very achy today
  2. Go through your emails, which I know may be boring but if you just do a quick flick through and create labels to go into for emails you want to save, then this can help you to concentrate on the emails you want to keep and which you don’t, without it taking too long
  3. Watch Youtube and create a playlist of videos
  4. Take a bath or a nice shower, and treat yourself to essential oils
  5. Read a book or listen to an audio book, nothing that is too demanding, but a book that can take you somewhere else for an hour or so
  6. Create a wish list of any kind, just focus on items that make you happy
  7. Have a day off and do nothing. I like my super lazy days, that sometimes I can’t even be bothered to take of my Pjamas
  8. Add items in your favourite or on your Sky planner of things to watch, and have a TV feast of all the programmes you want to watch, back to back
  9. Journal. I love to journal and write about how I am feeling, it clears out my mind and allows it to reset
  10. Clear out a draw. I often like to declutter, even when I have low energy, because it makes me see that I have still accomplished something,

Should you think of anything else then please comment below.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Avon Haul

Hello and welcome to another Everyday Living blog, where I share my lifestyle and in today’s post I am sharing an Avon Haul.

I didn’t go mad, as it can be so easy. I love Avon but limited myself to spending up to £20 and no more than that. I wanted purchase more of the Avon Naturals Hair Care Daily Hair refresher and I couldn’t find an equivalent in Boots or Superdrug, so I ordered 4 more of these as they were only £1.25 each, so in total a fiver, and I love using these sprays as they really do refresh the hair and smells nice too.

I know I have said that I can’t always use perfumed products, but this spray really does help restore my hair, so I don’t have to wash it that much. The scent of these were, Raspberry and hibiscus.

I also purchased a Tropical Summer Pamper pack for £10 as it had a bundle of products, and I like buying these as I can save some of these, and use them a part of a gift as I do have a lot of birthday’s as we lead into Autumn, and it isn’t that far away.

The products you got were:

  • Skin So soft enhance and Glow Airbrush spray
  • Coconut body lotion
  • Ultimate shine illuminating serum
  • Aloha Monoi Bubble Bath
  • Naturals Hula Hula Hibiscus body mist
  • Pineapple and Tea Tree hydrated Serum
  • Aloha Monoi Shower creme

Avon do a lot of fashion items aswell now that I may treat myself on my birthday next month, and there are items that you can get from Avon, that you can’t get anywhere else, like the Hair Refresher sprays. Correct me if I am wrong, but I haven’t been able to find any and so I will rely on many of Avon products.

The total cost of the shop was £18.00.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Hidden Fines from Primark

I got to say that it is rare that I would post two blogs about shopping in Primark in the same year, because I thought there wasn’t one near me I don’t tend to shop there often. If you haven’t been following this blog site, I did a blog a couple of weeks ago, called Shopping in Primark , because I realised that, when popping into a shopping mall in Wandsworth there was one there, and I didn’t even know it.

So in seeing this I set a date for myself to go and pay a visit into the store last Sunday, and it was worth it.

I was initially going to buy some different coloured leggins as I love my leggins, and wanted ones with a bit of colour, but there weren’t that much choice, so I thought until I made my way out of the store and of course as luck would have it, I see that there is more I just didn’t look for long enough. So yes I will be going back there next month when it is my birthday.

However I did manage to finds some bits, nightwear, a red flowery silk night vest and a pair of pajama shorts , both in sale for £3.00 each. In writing this blog I do actually have them on, and very pleased with my purchases.

The silk vest top, has extendable straps so you can make the straps long or short, and shorts come with an elasticated band at the top of the shorts.

I also picked up some strapless bras, not tried these on yet, but they are for a dress I bought from Boohoo which I am yet to try on, so when I do I will share a picture in a post of these, and tell you how they are.

I will also share the dress I bought and some shoes to go with the dress from Newlook.

Primark have some lovely clothes, but it is super busy so next time I shop I am going to try my best to get there as it opens up.

I really liked their fitness clothes and may pick some up next shop, and some great accessories and shoes. I could spend a fortune in there if I could as there are so many great items.

Anyway, next shop I will do, I will do what I always do when I shop in there, is write a list, or have an idea of what I want to buy before I go in, and don’t get distracted by other things, as with Primark because the prices are low it is easy to end up spending so much.

So until my next blog, have a good Wednesday and I will be posting again tomorrow.

many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


What I do when I shop

So if you haven’t read my previous blog, you wouldn’t have seen that I wrote a post about shopping in Sainsbury’s Meal Ideas from Sainsbury’s, and I thought I would talk more about What I do when I shop.

I do like to have a list with me, and keep an idea of how much I am willing to spend on each item, as example I don’t like spending more than a pound on items like mayonnaise or ketchup, I will go for the cheaper item.

I also checkout he clearance shelf they have, as I found a new automatic toothbrush on sale (sorry I think I lost the receipt so couldn’t tell you how much) and also a tube of Oral toothpaste.

I always keep my toiletries items separate from my groceries, as I do have a different budget amount on food shopping and on my toiletry items.

I will often put some money on a gift card, so should I need it I will use it and then the shopping is more or less been paid for, and if they do a points card, and it is a shop I use often then I will get a points card, example: Nectar card points.

Points cards are build up from how much money you spend on your shop, and then once they are built up quite a lot, you can use them to purchase some shopping and takes a chunk off, of your bill and you can use it to purchase a ticket at a theme park for an example.

When seeking out items on sale, do you maths as sometimes the deal is not worth it and don’t always go for branded items, as you can get the same quality with the shops own produce. I am talking, tinned, cold meats and cheeses for example, and you can save so much for following this method.

The one thing I would always invest in, is a freezer because you can still by fresh foods and freeze them. Example vegetables. I often would get a load of veg, cut it all up and put into freezer bags to use for when we had stews, casseroles, Sunday roasts and I have even made soups.

This is a great method if you are weaning a child, and saves you so much money on not buying ready made baby food, you can do it all yourself, mixing different vegetables and is such a time saver.

When it comes to shopping it is all about spending less but having more for your money.

If you have any shopping tips or hacks, I love a hack then please share. All recommendations can be included in my comment section below.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Super finds from TK Maxx

So last Wednesday when I had a bit of free time to myself went into TK Maxx in Wimbledon and found some really great items.

The Super finds I found were these:

these are Cranberry and Raspberry infusion teabags for £1.29, and they are really nice and refreshing, and I have now got in the habit of having one of these before bedtime.

I also found this water bottle, which is one designed by Joe Wicks, which I didn’t realise but it is a really great find, as I do have another one, but I like the way you can clip the cover over the spout where you drink from, so it doesn’t spill.

I also bought another bumbag, which I think is for cyclists but I don’t care it looks ideal for me as I love walking but to tend to carry a lot so this will help me minimise what I take and will still carry my belongings. This was £4.99.

I was also looking for a money box for Henry because he loves playing with pretend money and so I wanted a money box that he could his money in once he had finished playing with it and wouldn’t get lost.

However I didn’t find one so I found a little small plastic container.

Anyway I am off to Wandsworth today as there is a Sainsbury’s so I can pick up some food for the week, a Primark, yippy and a Poundland, so if I find some hidden treasures there I will let you know.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Talking hair care and skincare

In the summer it is important for me to keep my skin hydrated and my hair at all times, because I have quite sensitive skin and hair, and so I can’t always use perfumed products because they can make my skin and hair look flaky and quite greasy.

Talking hair and skincare, if you know of a way I can keep my creams and scrubs and deodorants chilled when we have a heatwave in the UK, this would be most helpful, because I tried putting them in a cool bag with an ice pack from the freezer but it didn’t work. I would put them in the fridge but as I share the fridge with others, so that is not possible.

Anyway, the one brand I always use is Nivea because my skin and nivea like each other immensely and I can always rely on this range. I use Nivea cream for my face and when on offer I will buy the Nivea Shower creams aswell.

The Nivea Face Cream

I use a night cream from O’real Paris that is really nice from Wilkos, but I am close to using up this face cream and I have bought a night cream from the Simple range to try, so once I have I will let you know how it is.

With my face they can not be soap products, so I use a specific face wash at the moment I am using a Cucumber face wash, but as this is my last tube I have purchased the SKIN range. I do like to mix my face wash up just for a change and because SKIN range seems to be less in price than the cucumber one I using now.

SKIN brand is good, I thought this brand was exclusive only to Wilkos as never saw it in other shops, but its not, you can get this range from Sainsbury’s and does really clean the face.

The shower gel I am using is a Dove one as the pharmacy, Boots had a big size one on offer and I have used Dove in the passed and feels good on the skin and that my body is properly cleaned.

I am not so keen on the Dove body sprays as they do leave marks including the one that says it doesn’t but it does, but the shower gels are really nice to use. I have also got two body scrubs I use, one being from The Garden Collection, which I also have the moisturiser from in this range and a Joules body scrub. These came from gift sets, as I love a gift set and like to use these once or twice a week.

For my hair I alternate products when washing it. The Shampoo and conditioner I use are Head and Shoulders Anti Dandruff and Advance Techniques from Avon. I also use a hair refresher spray from Avon”s Natural Hair care range. I am about to finish the one I have so I made an order for more, as I spray these in between washing my hair and keeps it feeling really fresh and hydrated.

I don’t always blow dry my hair and when it is really hot I tend to air dry my hair as it is nice a cold and I feel so refreshed and clean when it is wet.

I recently bought some E45 cream because sometimes after I have shaved my legs they can become really itchy and blotchy, and so I use E45 rather then perfumed moisturisers because they can cause further irritation.

E45 Cream 50g 5000167017571 | eBay

Never shave with cold water because I find when I do I end up cutting my leg very easily. Always shave with warm water, and don’t moisturise to soon after shaving as this can cause burning.

I have also started to take supplements again to help keep my skin and body be healthy. I take a multivitamin and a cod liver oil tablet, which is great for nails and skin.

Looking after yourself is a must, and we can often forget about ourselves when we have others to look after, so make time to look after your hair and your skin, as we only have one, so lets take care of it.

If you have any products you’d like to recommend to me, please do so by leaving a comment below.

You can keep up to date with all my posts by following me on WordPress.com and I will be posting again as of Sunday.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Meal Ideas from Sainbury’s

So if you didn’t know and didn’t get a chance to read my last post then I have a new Online course for you to enrol on if you need some training on Good Customer Service as I have made some mistakes in my time and wanted to share my knowledge and experience, to help you.


Continue reading “Meal Ideas from Sainbury’s”


My New Online Course

image for my Good Customer Service online course

Hi all. Here we are at the beginning of a new week and I have some exciting news.

Yesterday I published my second Online course in Good Customer Service. Please check it out in the link below:


I have worked in Customer Service for a good number of years and wanted to share my knowledge to help others working within this industry.

At the end of the day businesses need customers or clients in order to keep going, so giving 100% Customer Satisfaction is the key.

So check it out and enrol.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


Some purchases I have loved

So I have made some good purchases this year that I would love to share with you. I know I have done similar posts, but wanted to share these items with you.

Here are some purchases I have loved so far this year.

First of all it is this pair of black trainers purchased from Sainsbury’s for £14 and they are really light on your feet and easy to walk in. Sometimes a size 5 is too big for me, so often I have to go a half size, size 4 and a half, but not many stores do half sizes still.

When it comes to trainers they don’t have to be expensive, but if you running or play sports like tennis then I would recommend buying specialised running trainers and tennis shoes, because these types are made for daily and general use and may not be comfortable or suitable for running or playing sports.

They do have some nice fashion pieces in Sainsbury’s that I am often tempted to buy something new, and there is a lot of choice. I really think they have up the ante on their clothes and would recommend their clothes.

The next item is a black and white top bought in the sale at TK Maxx and was under £10, and I love it, I have worn it a lot and is comfortable and covers the right places.

I am very self conscious in the summer and so having a top like this helps to keep you cool but isn’t figure hugging, and fits nicely.

The next item I have enjoyed wearing are these Peach coloured shorts from Primark and they were £5.00. They are a bit short for me to wear them alone as I do have the problem where the top of my thighs can rub together so I do have to wear a pair of cycling shorts underneath them, but I do still really like them.

They wash well and very light fitting and great for sitting in the garden or doing long walks which I have done, since buying these shorts.

I bought this London bag from a little tourist shop in Victoria, London because they were doing a deal of buying 2 of these types of bags for £5 and so I couldn’t resist. It is very deep so can carry quite a lot, doesn’t slip off your shoulders and light weight.

I love foldable bags that looks like a little purse, but when it is unzipped it becomes a carrier bag, and I bought this one up in London, in Foyles for I think £5 was worth it, especially if you don’t want to use plastic bags anymore.

So they are the things that I have loved so far, I have some other bits I would like to share next, but so this blog isn’t too long, I will save these for another blog.

Please stay tuned. If you would like to comment on this blog then please leave a comment below.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X



Book Review August 2020! Love Me Not by M.J. Arlidge

Hello and welcome! Today I am writing another book review. This is my third one I have completed as I wrote two a couple of weeks ago, on this site: Summer 2020 Book review – Thursdays in the park

And one on my other blog site Everyone Can Build a Castle, https://everyonecanbuildacastle.com/2020/07/18/sell-or-to-be-sold-by-grant-cardone/

The book I am reviewing today is called Love Me Not by M.J.Arlidge, and is about a teenage girl called Daisy who goes on the rampage, killing all the people that she felt let have her down in her life.

It takes Helen who is a Police Officer a lot of time to find the person who was killing people like Sonia, a guy who happened to be the killer’s father and her so-called boyfriend Jason Swift.

It was so easy to read and not a lot of chapter per page per and was easy to keep track of the story and very gripping. I think I can see this being made into a TV series as was a really good book.

If I had to rate it I would give it 5 stars without a shadow of doubt, and would like to read more of the author’s books written, as this one was a hit.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X



My 10 favourite things


Hello and welcome to my new Everyday Living blog. In this post I am sharing My 10 Favourite things:

  1. Notebooks, and in fact as I wanted to make myself feel better as I had a bit of a scare on Monday bought a new one from Paperchase, which is my favourite store and love it. Check out my parenting blog where I share my story about what happened on Monday whilst taking my son out for the day. https://theparentingadventurestipsandtricks.wordpress.com/2020/08/04/when-kids-run-off-and-children-go-missing/   


I love a notebook because there are so many lovely ones out there          along with different planners, to the point that I could buy a new            one everyday if I could.

2. My daily habits of self care, having breakfast and a cup of tea                   before I begin my day. I can’t start without these things and look             forward to them.

3. Reading my book in the park. I have recently got back into                         reading a book again, as I will often read loads and then take a                 break, so I am glad to be back into it again, as so far I have read               some really good books and looking forward to reading more.                 Check out my last book review I did.

Summer 2020 Book review – Thursdays in the park

4. Walking along the river. I love doing this especially during the                 summer and will walk many places like my newly discovered                   route, the Wandle River in Wimbledon, Kingston to Richmond and         up London, and around Barnes and Mortlake

5. Watching Youtube. I shared last week in many of my blogs I write           about which channels I liked to watch, and I watch Youtube more           than TV now and wouldn’t go a day without it.



6. Taking my son to different places and parks, for a walk and play,            and getting a load of fresh air seems to suit both of us, and breaks          up the day when we do.

7. Using stickers in my planners and watching planner videos on                Youtube. Jazzing up my planners really helps me to look at them              and check them for things I need to do and any special days and              events coming up.

Above are some new ones I ordered from Amazon and is mainly where I go to order stickers for my planners aswell as Etsy.

8. Writing in my journals, it just helps clear the mind and gain                     perspective of things that have happened or what I am wishing               for and wanting to do in my life.

All my journals I am using so far,  and each one is for a different purpose, achievement bullet journal, Writing journal,  my everythings journal (where I share my most secretive thoughts about things happening in my life), my happy journal where I write down all the good things that I want to remember, fitness journal, my weekly wellness journal and my gratitude journal.

9. Exercising. I like it when I can work out indoors and go for long               walks. Training indoors has been tricky with my son being on                   school holidays but I still try to fit it in where possible.

10. Watching Would I like to you, a UK game show where they have       to tell tales and each team has to guess if they are telling the truth           or a lie. Very funny show and I love it.

So they are my 10 favourite things. Please tell me what your 10 favourite things are. You can leave a comment below.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


Happy days and Mondays

Monday Clip Art Free, Transparent PNG Clipart Images Free Download ...

Hello again, it is Monday and time for all systems go again.

The summer holidays doesn’t have to feel like a chore but to be enjoyed and embraced by everyone, and that means some good days out and activities that everyone can enjoy.

Please check out my parenting blog I wrote about,

Games and toys that kids love to play with

The summer holidays doesn’t have to be about the kids, but time for yourself too, and if you are like me get some free time, then use this time to have some days out just for yourself.

Sadly I was due to see Aerosmith this year but of course due to COVID it has been cancelled but why not sit out in the garden playing some tunes and have people round for a BBQ, of course following the social distancing rules.

Set up a time to zoom your friends and family with a drink of some kind catching up with each other.

I like to spend time walking and reading my book in one of my local parks. On Saturday I had a day just enjoying my time indoors because often when I go out I end up spending money which I didn’t want to do this weekend, so just took it easy.

Why not if you like me don’t always get to watch any TV, have a day catching up, and schedule it like you would when planning physical activities and errands. I think having that time to yourself to be so important and something you should make time for.

If you like cooking then why not make yourself your favourite meal that you don’t always get to do during the time when you have to take care of everyone else.

Take yourself off to the seaside and have a paddle and an ice cream that you can eat without your child wanting some aswell as their own ice cream.

Spend time in the garden, if you have one, doing a grown up puzzle or at the moment I have gotten back into doing wordsearches or playing Solitaire on my phone.

Walk along the river and have a picnic with friends or go for a pub lunch again or grab a quick drink whilst looking out to the sea.

If you are not confident about going aboard just yet due to the pandemic, then there are still plenty of things to do in the UK and still enjoy the sunshine, like sitting in a park or hanging out by the river.
I find when I am near water I feel very calm and at peace with myself.

So lets enjoy the summer and feel blessed when we have happy days and mondays, rather than dreading them.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X




I love days indoors/how to chill out

Relaxing Clipart Transparent

So yesterday I decided to have a day indoors and I loved it, because I got to catch up on some TV including watching the FA Cup final, and had a lie in which is very rare since becoming a parent and most mornings have to get up early to entertain my 6 year old son, so yesterday morning was a blessing.

I find when I do go out I end up spending money and just wanted a break from having to go out and do errands, and got to put them aside to catch up on bits indoors.

I think it is important to have days of not necessarily doing to do lists and be free to do whatever I want, as it helps me make the most of my time and just chill.

We can so often get bogged down with having to wash clothes, wash up and have to rush a cup of tea or coffee. It’s so lovely to have that time to just take it easy.

I love days indoors because that is when I can listen to music whilst working on the computer and rest for a bit longer in bed if I want to. I find when it is too hot I can’t relax outside because I can get very hot and bothered and so its nice to be in a cool room away from the heat and do whatever I choose.

Now I have most weekends to myself I appreciate my free time more and knowing how to chill out for once is great for catching up on TV, read a book or watch some Youtube without interruption from my little dude wanting some attention.

As a mum it is so important to make time for yourself as being a mum can be a struggle on some days and you just want to be able to sit back and have a bath without your name “mum” being called from the otherside of the door.

Time is precious and lets face it are we really going to be remembered for washing clothes early in the morning without a cup of coffee first or doing a speed clean around the house? Not really, life is about living and that is exactly what I intend to do and have that lovely time to myself.

So lets enjoy our weekend before it is all go again on Monday.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X



Keep safe this summer

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Hello and welcome to a new blog on Carries Everyday Living.

In this post I am sharing some tips on how to keep safe this summer.

  1. The most obvious one, keep a mask with you as you now have to wear them in shops and is compulsory, and make sure you sanitise your hands before and after being in a store, and clean baskets or trolleys before using them
  2. Have kids wearing clear and bright clothing. I have added this tip to some of my posts on my parenting blog, and is a great way to keep tabs of your kids when in a park or a holiday resort and there are now smartwatches for kids and then you download an APP and gives maps and picture of your child and where they are
  3. All belongings should not be put in a back pocket or an unzipped pocket, because of pick pockets hanging around, especially in places like towns of shops as unfortunately that’s where they are likely to be and I have had this happen to me once when a bag I had was not closed properly
  4. Don’t carry too much cash with you but have your cards with you sealed from temptation, and there are now those who can scan your bag with a device and still hack into your personal details. So my tip is to put it into a separate card holder at the bottom of the bag so it will be difficult from those who hack into peoples details from doing so and there are card holders which I like hard cases and can stop this scanning of your details from happening
  5. Where sunscreen as even when it is windy can be deceiving and where you are most likely to get burned and please especially make sure your kids are covered as they can burn quite easily and become too hot, so have them wear hats and plenty of suncream and if a baby or toddler try keeping them in the shade a much as possible
  6. If you are into exercise and want to exercise outdoors or at home then have windows open with plenty of air and drink plenty of water and try exercising in cooler times of the day, so mainly in the mornings where it can be a lot cooler and if running in the heat put vaseline on your feet as this can help prevent blisters. Try to avoid just wearing your trainers with no socks as they can easily rub, so if possible please where running socks to stop any blisters from occurring with your trainers
  7. Avoid bouncy castles as I know they are fun but can burst in the heat and this happened a few summers ago and killed a little girl who was on the bouncy castle at the time. If you have bouncy castle then where possible have it in the shade rather than where it is can attract the sunlight and is a lot safer to use
  8. Glass tables. We had one of these tables and was okay because where it was situated it could be quite shady, however in coming across a headline about these tables being recalled, some people who bought these types of tables the glass broke because of the heat of the sun and because when glass gets too hot can break, and this happened in our kitchen once when a glass tumbler was on the draining board, and because it was in a place direct in the sun got too hot and smashed.
  9. Pets. Avoid taking them out in the daytime when the ground can be really hot and cause their paws from being sore if walking on really hot ground. Never leave pets in a car locked with no air as they can die when it too much hot, and the same with kids, never leave a child or pet in a very hot car as it can be fatal if you do and can take minutes if not careful for them to overheat
  10. Make sure kids are wearing shoes and not barefeet when walking on concrete if on holiday or in parks as the ground can be very hot and they can burn their feet. If in sand it is ok usually but not on hard services like concrete.

When on holiday remember to keep following the social distancing rules when out and about and to wash your hands throughout the day to keep you and everyone safe.

I wish you have very happy Saturday, and I will post on this site again tomorrow, so many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


Visiting Whipsnade Zoo

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Hello and welcome to another Everyday living post and today I am sharing our trip (my mum,  my son and relatives and I) trip to Whipsnade Zoo, in Dunstable.

This was my very first trip to this zoo, before it has either been Chessington Zoo, London Zoo and Battersea Park zoo, so this was all new to me in visiting this zoo in Dunstable.

Now you didn’t need to wear masks when walking around the zoo, but when it came to seeing the bear, wild boars, tigers and penguins you did have to queue up practicing social distancing to see these, but it still was a brilliant place to visit.

Seeing the elephants was amazing, and we got to see them quite close up. My niece who didn’t think that elephants were real was utterly amazed and made her day, as she got to see a real elephant, and not just one of them, there was about 6 altogether, 2 young elephants and 4 adult elephants.

Now it is quite spread out and so if you like walking then you will love it as it covers a few yards, but you do have the option to drive around the zoo if you aren’t able to walk very far.

They also had giraffes, tigers, a sea lion, little monkeys and animals called Wolverines and they did have a aquarium, but because we didn’t get to do the aquarium or the butterflies till later in our trip, these areas were closed.

We did have to pre-book and you did have to select a time slot, and to visit the gift shop afterwards you had to queue up keeping your distance and then wear mask once you were in there.

When seeing the penguins as you walked up to it, you got to see a fantastic view of the countryside and I couldn’t help but take a picture.

So if you do want to visit then I would recommend it and if want to walk around it make sure you a wearing comfortable non smart footwear as some areas can be quite muddy and mucky along the way.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


The Clothes I love wearing this year

Hello and welcome to my new blog post on Carries Everyday Living. So today I am sharing the clothes I love wearing this year as there are items that I wear a lot of, and so thought I share them with you.

The first item is this top I am wearing today that has leopards on it and is so nice to wear and loose for this time of the year that I have not stopped wearing it, and is one of my favourite pieces that I slip on and feel stylish and comfortable in at the same time.

I rarely where plain tops only a few, so when I buy a top it mostly has to be with a print on it.

It was purchased from Sainsburys and was about £14.00.

I tend to where it with black trousers, which I always think is a staple piece of clothing to have, or leggings.

I do have a considerable amount of pairs, and stock up on leggings whenever I see them on sale.


The other top I like is this black top that my mum bought me, again I think it was from Sainsbury’s and has elephants and zebras on it. Animals seem to be my theme this year, not planned but I do like these prints and love these sorts of clothes as they hide away my unfavourite area, which is my stomach.

I do own some dresses too, and I have these ones below.  The dress on the left was purchased from Sainsbury’s again and the other one is from New Look.

Sainsbury’s and new look have a great selection and I have been buying a lot more items from Sainsburys since these items were purchased, because they are low in price and so easy and stylish to wear.

I like clothes that have no awkward zips or straps.

Living in a room now as I am living with my mum I don’t have much space, so I only have a few items that I can mix and match and more or less where in every season.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X



Summer 2020 Book review – Thursdays in the park

Hello and welcome. It has been a while since I had read a book, as quite often I will read a lot and then spend sometime taking a break between reading books, and I do spend a lot of my time listening to audiobooks now.

Anyway I fancied ready a new novel and discovered this book from a local charity shop and is called “Thursdays in the park”, by Hilary Boyd which is about a lady called Jeanie who turns 60 years old, but starts to fall for a guy she meets in the park, whilst taking her granddaughter Ellie to the park, but she is married to a guy name George, and starts to feel that her marriage is no longer the same as it used to be, and she can’t help but feel guilty after she finds out that her husband, George had been abused as a kid and has a bit of a breakdown.

It was a good story but I wasn’t convinced by the dialogue of the main characters niece who is 2 years old, but was easy to read and had a good story line to it.

I would give the book 8 out of 10.

If you have read this book too and you would like to tell me what you thought of the book then please leave a comment below or if you have any books you would like to recommend to me, then all is welcome.

Anyway going to get on with reading my next book and I will be back with another blog on this site as of tomorrow.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


Visiting the Seaside

Yesterday was our (my son, my mum and I) first trip to the seaside for this year and we still followed the social distancing rules, but got to spend sometime on the beach in Selsey.

Selsey is a lovely little place and has a park nearby for the kids to play and a cafe that sells hot food, ice cream and hot drinks.

There is a town aswell with many little shops and cafes, and many holiday homes and bungalows.

Not far from there you can take short trip to Chichester, Bognor Regis and the other way is towards Portsmouth and further on Southampton.

If you would like to go to somewhere where it is quiet and not that many people then Selsey is a great place to visit and there are few pubs nearby should you want a drink in a seaside town.

There are car parks around which the one we parked at on Friday was a pay and display car park.

We sat by the river whilst my son had a paddle in the sea, and had a picnic and it was just so nice to be near the sea again, as I find it so tranquil and peaceful, that I could have sat there all day.

There are a lot of places that are great to visit such as Arundel and the Arundel Castle, Worthing, littlehampton, Poole and Bournemouth which is a long stretch of beach.

So if you are looking for a place to go then why not take a trip to Selsey and the other places listed as do make a great weekend away or in our case a great day out.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


Third day of the summer holidays

Hello and it is the third day of the Summer holidays and already I am feeling the fatigue that comes with them, trying to do a lot of things whilst entertaining my 6 year old son.

If you are heading up to London, then just to let you all know that some of the attractions, like the London Eye, London Dungeons, the Sealife London Aquarium and the Shrek Adventure are not open yet, and if you need the toilet on your visit to London, via Westminster or London Waterloo then use the ones in the station, as they seem to be the only ones available.

The restaurants along the Southbank in London are open, aswell as many of the bars, and the book stalls under Waterloo Bridge.

The Festival Hall didn’t open until 1pm, and many of the restaurants next to the Festival hall were all closed.

If you are looking to do a boat trip along the river thames up near Westminster to see the many sights then the London City Cruses were on, but all the others were not.

We walked all the way up to Southwark bridge and back, and even though there was little going on this year so far, it was still great to walk along and be by the river.

I will post more of my Summer Holidays experiences as they continue on.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


Shopping in Primark

So last Thursday as my mum was getting her hair done in Surbiton I thought I would take a walk along the river to Kingston and have a look in Primark, as there were a few bits I wanted to get.

I realise going through my wardrobe that I didn’t own a pair of jeans which for me as far as I am concerned is a staple item to have in your wardrobe.

I also wanted another pair of shorts for the summer, another vest top and a white cardigan. In looking I found a lot of nice tops. Here is one I picked up and I love it.

In looking I found this little miniature mirror which I absolutely love and was another item I had been looking for. The total amount spent was £38.50. I could have spent more but I didn’t.

I rarely go into Primark and shop in there like once or twice a year, that is due to not having one close by, so I do have to go out of my way to go there, so does help me to save and when I do get a chance I will have a shop in there. This is if I find items I like. I don’t see the point in spending money just for the sake of it, but more often than not I do find items and I got to say I am pleased with my purchases made this shop.

The next time will be September or October time once my son goes back to school and I have more free time.

As always I will make a list and save for the next shop and am planning on relaunching my Youtube channel and do some hauls as we head towards Autumn and Winter.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


How I save money

piggy bankHello and welcome it is sunday and I wanted to talk about how I save money.

There are times when I can be reckless when it comes to spending money, but in mind I do still like to keep a budget on how much I am willing to spend any item.

As a kid I was a massive saver and I would hide money in draws. I never liked spending it, but as I got older and became independent I did start to spend money as if it was growing on trees.

For ages I have wanted to find that kid again who loved to save rather than spend and I do feel now that she is back.

I always ask myself now, do I need or want it. Needing something is different from wanting, and so more often I will walk away from an item I find myself for a few moments wanting  to by to then not wanting the item.

How I save money is:

  • I no longer buy a load of books, if I want a book I will see if it is available via Audible and use a free credit to have the book, go to a charity shop or to the library. I will only have 4-5 books at a time.
  • CDs and records. I always see if I can find a song or album I like via Youtube and play it, as it costs nothing
  • Home telephone and broadband. I am now living back with my mum so I don’t use these at my old house, and so no longer pay for them
  • Toiletries and perfumes. I have still got loads of items that were gifted to me in gift sets, that I no longer have to buy any such products
  • Recycling. If there is anything like a pot or a container I will wash it out and clean it, and use it as storage.
  • Photos. I use an APP called Free prints, and it is brilliant as all you pay for is the delivery charge and that is it, and they have other APPs where you can order tiles, with a photo you have taken on it and put it on the wall, and one where you can create a photobook. Or you can use Google where you can create a photobook for a really low cost
  • Stationary. I could be forever buying items, but I don’t, and if I do need items I will buy them from stores such as, Wilkos, The Works or Poundland. I find Rymans and Whsmiths really expensive so I rarely will spend money in those stores if I can help it
  • Shoes, I will only buy one to two pairs a year no more than that, as most of my shoes are still in good condition, so not need to.
  • Bags. I could be someone who owned loads and in some ways I do, but have limited my spending on these sort of items as like my shoes they are all in good condition
  • Make up brushes and makeup. I am not someone who wheres make up every day, but normally at the moment it is at the weekends, so don’t buy these items a lot, only if I have run out of items or if I have had some items for a while, as makeup if you didn’t know can have really bad bacteria which can cause infections, so be aware. Things like Mascara for example should be kept no longer than 6 months.
  • Craft items. I have loads that I have accumulated over time so have not needed to purchase anymore items and use what I have already got in my collection. These are great things to keep especially if you have kids, as it is a great way to keep them occupied aswell.

When it comes to saving I would sit down and go through everything you spend your money on and where you can save money. I find doing this really disciplines me when spending and reining myself in, to see that I don’t need everything but enough that will see me through the year.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X




Shopping in Poundland

I do love stores such as Poundland because they are great places to pick up bits and bobs from, even clothes for low cost, however you can still end up spending a lot of money on items you don’t really need because of the cost of the products they sell.

I will usually only spend in these stores once a month and no more than £20.00, and that is my limit.

I would say still keep a list of items you wish to buy, and create what I am going to start doing is create, my own wish list on items, that I would like to buy from such stores and then when I have money left or money to spare then go ahead and purchase these items.

This year because diaries can be expensive bought one from Poundland. It is a open dated planner from Poundland and I love it, because I can design it on how I wish, and reuse it for next  year, because it can be refilled. The stationary from these stores are brilliant, and wipes the floor with stores like Whsmiths and Rymans, because you can still get the same items but for less.

There are a lot of household items too, which I love and you could actually buy a whole range for your home and not spend the earth.

Here is a picture of my last Poundland shop.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X



My Skincare Regime

Hi all it is Wednesday and midweek, so I have just come back from dropping my son off at school and wanted to write about my skincare regime and the products that I use daily.

I always use face wash, and they have to be non soap products otherwise I will have a break out of dry skin on my face, which does bother me and makes me self conscious, and as I have always used at the start of the day, and didn’t today so had a small break out on my skin yesterday , is use Nivea face cream.

Above are the two products I am using on my face at the moment. The Face wash I picked up from Boots and was on special offer, and that is the Cucumber Face wash and my Nivea Cream which I pick up from various places as they are usually less than a quid.

I have always used Nivea Cream as it seems to be the one that suits my skin on my face.

The two foundations I use are Luxe by Avon and True Match foundation by L’Oreal Paris and seem to work great on my skin, but the other day I used my concealer and it became patchy on my skin.

The concealer I am currently using is one from Avon and it has been fine but I am thinking of getting rid of it as I have had it for a while and most of it used, and use the new one, which is by Collection from Boots and was just over a pound.

Below are the two concealers I have. The one on the left is the one that I am currently using and I have used quite a bit of it, and the other one is my new one, and I will let you know how good this new one is once I have tried it.

I also use press powder purchased from Poundland and I absolutely love it and applies nicely that I bought some more, however may have to buy another as this other one I purchased became crumbled.

The moisturiser I use to moisturise the rest of me from the Garden Collection which was part of a gift set and is magnolia body lotion, and smells devine and very soft on the skin and soaks into the skin really well.

The night cream I use on my face is currently one by  L’Oreal Paris and it is their Wrinkle Expert Anti-wrinkle Densifying Night Cream and is brilliant however as I did have break out of dry skin, will need to apply my Nivea cream in the morning aswell to help keep my skin on my face moisturised and not to dry up.

It terms of shower gel I am using the Nivea one called Diamond and I love these shower gels, only a pound even in Boots and brilliant for those like me suffer with dry skin.

I have also started to use a new Body Scrub, which I love using once a week on my skin to exfoliate it and keep it fresh and clean.

The one I am currently using is brand called Joules, Body Scrub, Buff, Polish and Lovely. This was part of a gift set I was given for one of  my birthdays, but there are other body scrubs in stores and as long as feel the difference when using them, then they will still do the same job.

I am not able to use soap products and most of the items I use must be fragrance free.

So if you have any products you’d like to recommend to me, then do so by leaving a comment below.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X



Summer Holidays

Summer holidays clip art free vector download (223,340 Free vector ...

Hello and welcome to another blog post on Carries Everyday Living. So it is another start of the week and my son’s final week until the summer holidays begin.

I have decided to plan out my son’s summer holidays and what I plan to do to this time round, so I have some idea of when and where to take him, create a plan using microsoft word adding activities and days out on a calendar format for each day.

The holidays can cause friction with your finances so I try to balance it all out, so I am not spending too much but my son still gets some quality fun time. There are many places to go to which are free and so this means we can still explore, so we will be visiting a lots of parks and doing some activities at home.

You don’t really have to spend the earth as it isn’t about how much you spend but what we are all going to get from it. 

My son loves a park and now that a lot of places have begun to reopen since lockdown we can go ahead and visit. Where I live in Wimbledon there are quite a few parks to choose from, so some days we will be staying local.

There will be some bus rides so going to find one of my other Oyster cards because Henry’s dad has got one of them and will take him on many bus rides and train rides as we go through the 6 weeks holiday.

In Wimbledon you have Garfield Park, South Park Gardens, Wimbledon Common and Wimbledon Park, they are the main ones and there are some little parks too, situated near by aswell.

The Polka Dot Theatre in Wimbledon is closed for the time being as there are works being done, but I am hoping the cinemas will reopen so I may take Henry to see his first ever film at the pictures, I haven’t yet taken him, but I do think he is ready now.

I also plan to do some of the theme parks, like Chessington, which isn’t far, London Zoo, Bocketts farm and Legoland Windsor.

So lets kick start the week, grab a coffee and enjoy our week ahead.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X



Weekends of freedom

Happy Sunday greeting cards. Free download all images.

Hi and welcome to another blog on Carries Everyday Living site, so it is Sunday time to take it easy.

Today I am going to spend today just catching up on some bits and bobs, aswell as perhaps watching a film later if there is a decent one on, sometimes they will put some on back to back on Channel 5, so going to have a look to see if there are some on today.

I am loving my weekends of freedom, it means I can do things I wouldn’t normally do during the week, like yesterday I bought a new book from a Charity shop, and actually sat in the park reading it.

So far I have picked up some shopping from sainsburys and used one of their smart scanners, this was to use Henry’s free lunch voucher and got plenty for us to eat and drink.

I got to say that the smart scan system is a lot more convenient however a lot of items wouldn’t scan first time so had to lay item flat on the floor to do the scanning.

Going on that, I am not sure if they actually save time or not as you still have to scan items on the till to check that all items had been scanned correctly and I few times in checking out I had to wait of assistance.

In comparing supermarkets, as I have shopped in quite a few, the ones that seem to be a better price on items is Morrisons and ASDA.

In any case in using the voucher which was £90 all I ended up spending was £1.70, so not bad and now won’t need to get anything else.

I am now drinking a coffee and will pop out again to do some more walking, and reading some of my book again in the park . The fictional book I am reading is called Thursdays in the park by Hilary Boyd.

I have also a audiobook to still finish which is by Grant Cardone called Sell or be Sold How to get your way in business and in life. 

Audible is brilliant and you can listen to any book on the go, and usually listen to it whilst I am doing my walking.

Once I have finished these books I will write a review.

Anyway I am going to get on with my day and I will be posting in this site again tomorrow.

If you have any books you would like to recommend to me then please do. You can leave a comment below.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X




Why I like having a daily and weekly routine

boy yawning

Hello and welcome! It is another week and already it feels like it should be the end.

My son decided that he would kick off this morning because he couldn’t take his tablet into school. I am not  sure if these devices are a blessing or a burden. Any  how once he was at the school gate and went into his classroom he was fine.

If you want to read my blogs about parenting then please check out these two sites:



Having a weekly routine helps, and I have shared my morning routine in a previous blog post, see link below:

My Morning Routine

It is good to have a routine throughout the day as I find the day goes much better when we do.

Royalty-Free (RF) Clipart Illustration of a Retro Black And White ...

In the mornings I set three alarms. One at  6am, 7am and 7:25am. I know this seems strange but there is logic to my madness, and that is so I wake up gradually and not just get up straight away as I could end up staying in my bed for longer.

Having a final alarm at 7:25am is like my last call, and I have to get up and get ready for the day, however by then I am fully awake.

Free Sport Vector Characters on Pinterest

The one thing I have started to do is having my shower  the night before, and I got to say it has saved me a lot of time.

If you need some motivation about getting into a good routine, then check out Jordan Paige’s Youtube videos as she gives tons of tips and advice about having a more productive life.


I will sometimes mix it up, like on Monday when Henry finished school early I took him on the bus and train and then to the park where he had his tea, but I still like to do the same thing in the mornings getting to school, when I return home whilst my son is at school and the afternoon and evenings.

Sometimes it can depend on what mood my son is in, but when we get back home from school we will do some reading, watch our favourite quiz shows and then play a game of some kind.

Then by 5pm me and Henry will have his dinner and sometimes I will join him or I may eat a bit later with my mum and stepdad, and then Henry will go to bed between 7 to 8pm, and I will read him a few bedtime stories.

I won’t always allow my sons tablet before bed as it can effect his sleep, but once he is settled in bed, I will often along with my shower in the evening do some more work to get ahead of myself the day before.

I also have a weekly routine, where by I will go on regular walks outside to get some exercise or train indoors. Please check out my Sports and Fitness Coaching blog for further details on this:


I will use my weekends to exercise more if not able to fit it all in the week, go and visit the shops, sit in a park and do more work on my blogs and books.

Sundays is usually my extra self care day, where by I will shave my legs, wash my hair and use my body scrub.

I will use the free time I have at the weekends to also catch up on TV or watch a film.

It is important to me that however much as I want to get bits done it is also important to schedule in some down time to not write and just listen to an audio book or do some reading, or some days have an early night so I am bright and cheerful for the next day.

So get in touch and tell me what you routine has been like, are you slowly getting back to normal. Please leave a comment below.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


A Blissful Sunday

Hello and welcome! So yesterday I had a blissful Sunday as the weather was so nice, and so decided to go on a walk along the river.

Please check out my blog site:


It was my first walk along the river since lockdown and it felt so good to be out and be able to travel on the bus again. It is amazing what you can miss when you haven’t done something for a while.

I am still craving a McDonalds so may treat myself tomorrow if I have time to that is.

The other thing that was great was that the pubs were open again, so yes I took full advantage and had a drink along the river. Honestly if you go up to the Battersea Power Station there are some really nice bars to have a drink in and watch the world go by.

Then on Sunday evening I watched my favourite film, A Star Is Born. I love this film and it was an extended version. I think Lady Ga Ga and Bradley Cooper are brilliant and one of my favourite films of the era.

Having my weekends to myself again I am absolutely loving as I get to sleep in if I want to and do whatever I choose to do.

The TV at the weekends from Friday onwards are great again. Sadly Not Going Out and Car Share finished last week so I couldn’t watch any of these this Friday, but on Saturday they will often on Dave show repeats of Would I Lie To You, which is one of my favourite shows and Not Going Out.

On Fridays there is still the new series called The Other One, which I have gotten into and is very funny. I have last Friday’s to catch up on as I worked late on Friday so missed it, but will watch, and the other show I am loving is Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow.

So to let you know I will be posting on this site as I have actually put together a proper blog schedule, on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X





Where to go if you are like me love stationary and homewares

Hello, I really hope you are having a good weekend.

In today’s post I am sharing where to go if you are like me love stationary and homewares.

Well the first place I look and I am so happy some have reopened, and that is looking in charity shops, which I checked first on Saturday, in the stores that were open, but this time round nothing caught my eye.

The one store I am getting desperate to go in is still closed and that is Paperchase. Items in there can be quite pricey but if you hold a Paperchase Loyalty card you can usually get some money off from your purchases, plus they often will have a sale on.

At the moment the stores I have been looking in, is The Works great for buying good priced stationary, books and craft items.

The other stores have been Poundland, TK Maxx, and Wilko’s

Here are some stationary items I purchased, along with some other items:

I love TK Maxx food cooling bags, I had one before that was thrown as I had used it so much, and saw this one and thought this would be perfect, especially as the school holidays come up, and I take my son out for the day.

This was priced at £5.99, and will be great for me also when I take some trips up London and want to save money by taking a packed lunch with me.

I also discovered these in The Works these highlighter pens for £1 and stickers which were £1 each, great to use in my new bullet blog planning journal.

In terms of homewares I bought this mug for myself as sometimes I like having a small cup of tea, and this was £3.99.

They had quite a lot in their collection, but this one caught my eye instantly and then I bought these notepads, and washi tape.

One was £2.50 so bargain price from TKMaxx, the other from The Works at £2.00 and some washi tape for £2.00.

I did purchase some other bits but I am going to save those for another blog post, as I am creating Henry a reward system to encourage good behaviour.

Anyway that is it for this blog, and will post again as of Monday.

It after all is not about how much something is, but what value it will  bring to me, or help me towards my current goals and ambitions.

Have a good rest of the weekend.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X





Great Summer Vibes for 2020

So each year or parts of the year I come across some new music and tunes, and this year even though we have had a pandemic is no exception.

So the first song I discovered was a song by Gladys Knight, it is called I Don’t Want To Know:

The next song I have been listening to is one by Aretha Franklin featuring Micheal McDonald, called Ever Changing Times

I love a good old ballad but I do love upbeat songs too, check out this one called You Got The Love To See Me Through

Then as I was searching for these songs I came passed this rendition of Superwoman by Glady Knight, Dionne Warwick and Patti LaBelle.

It gave me goosebumps as soon as I heard it

I also came across this upbeat version of Follow You Follow Me, and have been playing this alot.

Then there is the classic Bee Gees song, You Win Again:

So what vibes have you listened to so far this summer I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below and remember if you would like to be kept up to date about my blogs to follow me on WordPress.com

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


My Look Book For The Week

Hi and welcome, this is my blog site Carries Everyday Living where I post about music, TV, my skincare and fashion, and today I wanted to continue with my blogposts sharing my Fashion Look for the week.

This week it is going to be some clothes I have seen on Very who are doing a sale on some items offering up to 70% off.

blue string bag

First thing that caught my eye was this bag. It was £20 but now is on sale for £18.20. This bag is great for the little things you need to carry like your purse, phone and keys, it just so versatile that it can be used through the seasons.


The next item that caught my attention are these Silver Blix Perspex Heel Square Toe Sandals. These will be great for the summer and when those Christmas parties start this year.

These were £24 but now available for £22.75.

silver sling back shoes


The next thing that grabbed my eyes was this black dress. I believe that everyone should have a black dress, as it is classic and be dressed up or down.

Here is one from Very for £11.25 originally it was £28.

classic black dress

So that is my look of the week, and this post will be added to my Look Book 2020 Pin on Pinterest, so go check it out.

I will blog again at the end of the week.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


The Days When you Just need a coffee

This morning and even now I feel like death and getting up at 6am to go to toilet I thought it would be a great idea to have some breakfast and then rest further on until 7am, yet I must have fallen back to sleep and didn’t get up until 8:50am.

I was going to go for a long walk, but as it is raining and I was slowly but surely waking up decided not to.

Luckily Henry is doing a full day at school today so I may if all goes well, as you never know with children, I may pop out later when it is less miserable outside.

There are the days when you just need a coffee, and that for me is today.

Funny Good Morning cartoon coffee

Some days I can’t function properly until I have had that cup, and then I do feel more human.

It is amazing how that boost of caffeine can make all the difference, but until then DO NOT DISTURB ME!

The other thing that helps wake me up or feel relaxed and calm is when I am listening to music.

Then there is getting myself ready for the day. I have to have a shower, I do keep wanting to have it the night before but I just get too tired, and leave until the morning.

Perhaps I will make more of an effort to do that, because it would save me so much time in the long run. I will let you know how I get on with that.

Doing a bit of exercise each day is helping with my energy levels too, but some days I really do have to push myself to do some.

Anyway I am going to get on with the rest of the day, and please remember to stay safe and I will blog again during the week, so keep reading and I will keep posting.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


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